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going to be okay, and that includes those of you heading out towards the mall. let's take a look right now. you can see the capitol building off in the distance. we are going phosphorus a very warm and humid night for it. maybe a few showers, but i expect most of the overnight hours, most of the next couple of hours leading up to the fireworks to be dry. so it is looking very nice for us. but that was not the case last night. severe storms moved through the capital region, and, of course, the mall. this will not be the case tonight. we saw some winds upwards of 60 miles per hour come through portions of the region last night. and there were severe thunderstorm warnings associated with those storms. out there right now, 88 degrees the current temperature with a heat index of 90. humidity around 45%. so it is a little bit on the assumed side. 88 in frederick, maryland. 84 in sterling. manassas coming in at 82 degrees. here is the current radar. you do see showers down to the south around dale city, just to the north of fredricksburg. these are very light showers. you also notice that pink coloring. that's a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 for
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southern maryland toward the fredricksburg region, and also storms back into west virginia beginning to make their way toward frederick county, virginia the. once again, most will stay to the west and to the south of the washington, d.c. area. so looking pretty good if you're thinking about heading out tonight. jim? >> thanks, doug. independence day was marked not only around the nation, but also by americans posted around the world. brian mooar with that report. ♪ >> reporter: july 4th at the beach. is there any better way to celebrate america's birthday? yes, actually, there is. if you live in connecticut where beach-bound traffic jams started before dawn. >> i know we have been here since 5:00 in the morning. >> torture. >> reporter: for most of us shall independence day was a chance to chill out with a cookout or kick back with a parade. in phoenix, it may not have been as hot as a fire cracker, but it was 100 degrees. in amhertz, new hampshire, residential hopeful mitt romney
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was trying to pick up some votes. >> happy 4th. >> reporter: republican jon huntsman was literally running for the white house. in atlanta, participants in the peach tree road race trying to survive 10 kilometers, an endurance contest, but nothing like the hot dog eating contest on coney island. american warriors got a hearty welcome home. in afghanistan, a group of american soldiers took this day to reenlist. america's 235th birthday. a day to stand up and be proud, even if you're sitting down. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. if you plan to celebrate the 4th here in d.c., here's the lineup for tonight. the capital 4th concert will begin at 8:00. the fireworks kick off around 9:15. we'll have a live report on that. that's coming up in our next half hour. the smithsonian metro station and most roads around the mall
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will be closed. so you might want to give yourself plenty of time to get there. you can also go to nbc for more details. a day at the beach came to an early and abrupt halt at sandy point state park in maryland today. authorities say a young boy draund drowned after disappearing in the water. elaine reyes has more on what went wrong. >> reporter: at sandy point state park, the sights and sounds of summer are everywhere. on this july 4th holiday, there's also tragedy. >> there were some people with some earphones -- headphones, like scanning the water and everything. they had mentioned that someone had drowned this morning, the paramedics. so i made sure that we were all out here watching the kids. >> reporter: a young boy wept missing in the water as the day began. park workers sprang into action. >> they formed a human chain in the water, which allows a large number of people to search a large area very rapidly and
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that's how the child was located. >> reporter: when the incident happened around 8:00 this morning, authorities estimate there were already 1,000 people on the beach. parents who heard about the drowning kept an extra vigilant eye on their children. >> it is hard, but you've still got to may want safety for your kids and family members and stay out there with them. if they're going to be out there, parents need to also be out there, too. >> i have my two 7-year-olds with me, and i have my eyes on them all of the time, because first of all, they don't know how to swim. i don't know how to swim myself, so we don't get too deep. >> reporter: anne arundel authorities say the young victim was not wearing a life vest. there are lifeguards here at sandy point beach. but it happened in an unguarded section of the beach. reporting from sandy point park, elaine reyes, news4. authorities say the boy was found in water about four feet deep. they have not released his name. montgomery county fire officials have released the name of a bicyclist who was killed in
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that storm yesterday. the biker has been identified as 56-year-old neil rich. he was riding along the towpath last night when high winds and heavy rains knocked down several trees. one of them fell on top of rich he was pronounced dead at the scene. following the storms last night, dominion power working to restore electricity to more than 3,000 customers in northern virginia. strong winds and rain brought down trees and power lines all over that area. run one of the areas hardest hit was arlington. residents today are starting the effort to clean up. >> we have some damage on the roof, a hole in the roof in the back of the house. we got leakage in the master bedroom. >> we had a branch probably, several of them, this big come out of our trees. it just was whooshing around last night. >> reporter: dominion power said it expects to have all of its
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customers' electricity restored tomorrow morning. members of congress cutting their 4th of july break short so deal with the debt limit deadline. they'll be back to work out a deal. democrats are still insisting on tax increases as part of that debt solution. republicans are still refusing any tax hikes. the nation will go into an unprecedented default on its debt if the current $14.3 trillion cap isn't raised by august 2nd. for the 45th time, the folks in palisades park in the northwest washington area held their parade and brought out big crowds, as usual today. that neighborhood parade is a good example of local hometown washington far from the national monuments. tom sherwood has our report. ♪ >> reporter: from traditional tubas -- ♪ >> reporter: to the gay and lesbian different drummers band
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that's performed here since 1990, the 45th consecutive palisades parade made its claim on the hometown field that often gets lost in the official bureaucratic image of washington, d.c. >> this is an authentic hometown parade. >> reporter: and you wear silly glasses. >> well some people do. not me. >> i like to call it controlled chaos. we don't try to take ourselves too seriously. >> happy birthday! happy 4th. >> reporter: as families line both sides of mccarthur boulevard and just regular folks from the neighborhood showed up to be in the parade, police chief cathy lanier rode with her pet dog po-po, a nickname for police. >> we say statehood, yes. >> reporter: the city's long suffering activists for voting rights made their annual appeal. >> people love them. >> reporter: and while local politicians handed out traditional beads and candy, ward 3 council member mary shea handed out dry copies of the u.s. constitution. >> you're giving out candy.
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>> i have to tell you, the kids are scrambling after the candy, not the constitution. >> reporter: opponents of online d.c. gambling got a word in, and there were signs for harry thomas to resign over his fund-raising scandal. and uncle sam -- does anyone know who uncle sam is anymore? made the rounds for a national appeal. >> reporter: 25% don't know we declared our independence from england. >> really? well -- >> reporter: you've got to do a better job. >> i guess i do. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. the palisades parade is a local event, funded in part by an annual t-shirt sale. this year those t-shirts sold out. next, outrage after a pipeline burst, contaminating montana's yellowstone river. a fake report about president obama. this is chris gordon.
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i'll report from the once top-secret bunker that was supposed to protect congress in case of a nuclear attack. i'll take you inside, ahead. and a great dane's great escape. the chaotic scene outside a local restaurant and what it took to reunite this family with their dog. >> lindsay. >> it would not be 4th of july without a hot dog eating contest. joey chestnut shows again why he has a stomach for anything. and the nationals show their resolve with another extra-inning win. and why the nationals' prospect has more than one reason to celebrate on this 4th of
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the secret service is among those trying to figure out who hacked into one of the fox news twitter accounts. early this morning, six tweets went out from fox news politics. one of them claimed president obama had been shot and killed. another congratulated joe biden on his new job. fox calls the tweets malicious and has apologized for any distress those false tweets caused. the fox news politics twitter account has more than 34,000 followers. our troops in afghanistan marked independence day with ceremonies and a visit from their commanding officer. this may not be the last holiday that david petraeus spends in a war zone, but it is the last time he will be there as an active duty army general.
6:13 pm
atia abowie reports. ♪ god bless america >> reporter: 4th of july celebrations in afghanistan are nowhere near the celebrations that we see back home. you won't be seeing hot dogs and beer here. military men and women don't have the luxury of taking a day off when they are in a combat zone. but here at the new kabul compound and the capital of afghanistan, service members are awaiting the arrival of their commander of forces and u.s. forces in the country. this is general david petraeus' sort of farewell tour in afghanistan before he leaves this month to head to washington to take his new post as the cia director. >> again, it will be a real privilege to serve with him, and to work with him as we do all that we can to help the efforts here. >> reporter: reminding ourselves that we are in a war zone, news today in southern afghanistan that a native service member had gone missing. british and afghan officials
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have confirmed that it was actually a british soldier who went missing. the taliban have claimed responsibility, and they say that they killed that soldier. atia abowie, nbc news, kabul. general petraeus is expected to turn over his command in afghanistan on the 18th of this month. he'll retire from the army on august 31st, and then he will take over as cia director right after labor day. the ft. meade military base is having its annual 4th. many military families are ther enjoying the music and food while the kids play on the free carnival rides. active duty members we spoke to today say it is all about family and freedom. >> i probably have been away from my daughter half her life due to deployment. so it's nice to spend time with her. >> i think i'm most thankful for being an american. having traveled throughout the world, seeing other countries and what they do, for us it's clearly the best country in the world. >> the night will be capped off with fireworks. they start at 9:30.
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britain's prince william put his experience as a military helicopter pilot to the test today in canada. on prince edward island, the prince strapped into a seeking helicopter to practice emergency water landing procedures. william pilots rescue helicopters requested to see the technique today. it was invented in canada, we're told. then the newly weds, he and his wife kate, joined the crew of a dragon boat and raced each other. this is the fifth day of the royal couple's nine-day visit to canada. on friday, they go to california. after the break, authorities uncovered $10,000 worth of illegal fireworks in d.c. more trouble for the former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. one legal fight appears to be winding down, but another is just starting up. a motorcycle ride for change ends in tragedy. and we'll tell you about the and we[ man ] i gotabout the this new citi thankyou card
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people are very upset tonight over the spill from an exxonmobil pipeline into the yellowstone river in montana. 42,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the river on saturday after that pipeline broke. images of the oil soaking river banks and wildlife prompted
6:19 pm
questions from advocacy groups who feel that more could have been done to protect the river. the governor of montana also said that there are not enough exxonmobil crews measuring the impact of that spill. no word yet on why that pipe broke. heavy rain and flooding, we are told, may have been factors. turning now to our weather here, everyone wants a smooth and quiet evening, except for the man made fireworks. >> yeah, and i think most areas are going to get that. but there are some thunderstorms out there, some showers out there, as well. and if you are beginning to leave and you're thinking about maybe getting an early spot, that's when we're going to see the showers in the next couple hours. but by 9:00, most of us should be okay. if i had a choice, if i wasn't working, where would i be? right down on the pa to him tomorrow ack river. this is the perfect place to be out there on the deliver evening, because temperatures are on the warm side, nice to get out there on the water. the water is nice and calm as the winds are fairly light.
6:20 pm
temperatures today got up to 91 degrees, low this morning, 73. a very warm and humid afternoon. fourth day at 90 degrees, or better. so far in july, that is four out of four. i think we're going to continue on that 09-degree stretch right over the next couple days. outside right now, 88 degrees under partly to mostly cloudy skies. dew point of 64. winds right now are calm. and the heat index not too much of a factor. but it is still at 90. 86 in frederick. 83 in hagers town. cooler back to the north and west. charlottesville, where they have seen heavy rain, right now down to 74 degrees. here is that rain to our south. so dale city, down through fredricksburg, into stafford county, expect shower activity here, and you're under a severe thunderstorm watch, it includes southern maryland, charles county over towards calvert county and st. mary's county, all under that severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. i'm really not too worried about severe wal weather, though, for you. i think you willy showers.
6:21 pm
these are where the storms are, frederick county, virginia also into the pan handle of west virginia. we are going to see some showers over the next couple hours, and they will continue to move through, move to the south. but there's a few up here towards pennsylvania that could also come into western portions of maryland, hagerstown, frederick, could even clip northern virginia or the district later on this evening. but i still think we're going to be a-okay. most of those storms as they make their way east are dying out, and i think they will continue to do that throughout the evening hours. what are we expecting the next couple days? we've got this area of low pressure, this impulse in the atmosphere. and a frontal boundary just to our south. that front will continue to move down to the south tomorrow, taking most of the showers and thunderstorms with it. still an isolated chance of a shower tomorrow, but right now i'm thinking just about all of us will stay on the dry side. it is going to be very warm. it's going to be very humid, once again, during the day tomorrow. that front will meander to our south, but may pop back to the north on wednesday, giving us a little bit better chance of some shower and thunderstorm activity, but that's what we
6:22 pm
expect during the months of july in the summer. hot and humid conditions with just an afternoon chance of some thunderstorms. this evening out at the national mall, temperature around 80 degrees right around 9:00. storms possible, but i still think most of them will stay to our south. so i think at the national mall, i think we're going to be a-okay. you may want to bring an umbrella if you're heading out there now, but just bring an umbrella you can put inside that purse. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, warm and humid, 71 degrees. sunrise at 5:49 in the morning, winds on the light side tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny, i think clouds building in during the afternoon. hot and humid, but looking dry, i think, for just about everybody. again, an isolated shower or storm, best chance would once again be southern maryland toward fredricksburg. temperatures tomorrow, 87 to 91 degrees. and as we move through the next four days, hmmm, see a pattern here? 90 degrees tomorrow, into the day on wednesday, into the day on thursday with that 30 to 40% chance of storms. on friday, we'll dip down a
6:23 pm
little bit to 88, but still going to be humid. and as we step into the next couple of days after that, into the weekend on saturday and sunday, temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. and we stick around that 90-degree mark as we start off next week. so we are warming up and getting on the hot and humid side. and coming up this friday, we're going to be in somebody's backyard. that's right. if you want us to come to your backyard, send us pictures of that yard, maybe your front yard, side yard, block party, we want to come out and do the weather with you. e-mail us at let us know where you live and why we should come out to your neighborhood. >> all right, great. thanks, doug. coming up tonight, stepped-up security at the national mall, and there's one thing you will not see at the fireworks show tonight. casey anthony's fate is now in the hands of 12 jurors. we're live in orlando to find where things stand now, day one of deliberations has ended. no verdict. and tonight, a behind the scenes look of a declassified cold war bunker tucked away in the west virginia mountainside.
6:24 pm
coming up in sports, the nationals bryce harper gets a 4th of july promotion, and jayson werth makes up for his mistakes. joey chestnut shows why he's the best competitive eater around as news4 at 6:00 continues. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine.
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a young boy drowned today in
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annapolis, maryland. it happened in about four feet of water, we're told. authorities say the child was not wearing a life vest. in arlington, residents cleaning up after last night's storms. heavy rain and wind brought down trees and power lines across the area. dominion power still has more than 3,000 customers without power in northern virginia. they expect to have everything back up and running by tomorrow morning. the secret service is now among those investigating who hacked into the fox news politics twitter account. those hackers sent out six tweets, one of them said president obama had been assassinated. the fox news politics twitter account has more than 34,000 followers. people are just a few hours away now from the capital 4th concert and the big fireworks showdown on the mall. to protect the thousands of refusalers, the u.s. park police has put up extra security measures in place. craig melvin has more from the mall. >> reporter: when you show up seven hours early to get a good
6:28 pm
spot to see the show, you get tired and need a nap. >> just the fireworks and everything. it's going to be exciting. >> reporter: they come from all over to hear the concert at the capitaloscopy the fireworks on the mall. tens of thousands brave the heat, crowds and security to make their way to the national mall every year. this year, no exception. >> whew! >> we don't usually come down at this time of year, so it's a little swampy. but we thought it would be fun to be down. >> reporter: what are you looking most forward to? >> just sort of taking in the city and seeing all of the people from different parts of the country. and it's kind of an international gathering, too, which is cool. >> i've always seen the skyline, the washington monument and the capit capitol building, so i'm looking forward to that. >> reporter: this is the first major event since the killing of osama bin laden recently. the department of homeland security said al qaeda has talked about lower scaled attacks on dates symbolic to americans, including 4th of july. without going into specifics,
6:29 pm
law enforcement says they are on high alert. >> the big differences are things we're not going to go into. we have introduced some real good technology things here, and so the strongest security is the security you don't see. >> reporter: capitol 4th concert set to start at 8:00. the fireworks show is set to start around 9:17. they'll set off the fireworks near the reflective pool. craig melvin, news4. metro added extra service downtown. stations will remain open until midnight. the smithsonian station will reopen after the fireworks. the d.c. police are warning residents to stay away from illegal fireworks tonight. cops have already seized more than 2,000 illegal fireworks from people this holiday weekend. most of them were taken from a truck in northeast d.c., and a van in southeast yesterday. those fireworks have an estimated street value of $10,000. anything that explodes such as a cherry bomb or a roman candle,
6:30 pm
as it's called, is illegal in d.c. an rv fire shut down the gw parkway this morning. it happened in the southbound lanes near gravelly point at about 7:30 this morning. the driver attempted to pull into gravelly point after the rv caught fire, but the fire engulfed the vehicle before he made the turn. the rv was destroyed, but the driver did get out safely. day one of deliberations over. jurors will be back tomorrow morning to determine if casey anthony is guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter. the defense claims the little girl drowned in the family pool. they say anthony panicked and then covered up the death with help from her father. the prosecution calls anthony's defense absurd. joining us now is nbc's jay gray, live in orlando, who has been covering this story from the beginning. it is a long time coming to this point. a lot of scenarios out there. does the jury have its hands full on this one? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely,
6:31 pm
wendy. in fact, just the judge's instructions this afternoon were quite a handful for that jury. several pages with all of the charges and all of the sub charges they could find here. we're told they spent most of the afternoon today, about six hours of deliberations, wading through all of that legal minute usuala before beginning to discuss the case. so they'll get back in earnest tomorrow and start wading through almost 400 items entered into evidence, more than three dozen witnesses called to the stand, several times. there is a lot to work through. and no doubt you can hear the rain. we have a storm moving through the aerld area, as well. >> looks like you're in a monsoon there. she did not testify. but you know, she kind of mugged a bit from her desk there in the defense table. is that going to help her, you think? i know we're just speculating. but does that help in these situations when she is reacting as she often did?
6:32 pm
>> reporter: i think, wendy, it gives the jurors at least some type of feel of her thoughts as they go through this trial. she cried during several key occasions, always turned her head away and did not look when little caylee's remains were shown or the scene where caylee -- her remains were found. and today very interesting. several times as the defense in their rebuttal closed brought up her father, she mouthed words like "it's his fault," "he did this." it was very interesting to watch a very angry casey anthony today as they talked about her father not being involved. as you talked about earlier, wendy, that was a key point made by the defense in this case. >> all right. the jury is made up of seven women and five men. there is a whole science behind selecting juries. what is that makeup going to have, help or hurt the defense or prosecution? >> you know -- [ no audio ] >> it looks like the weather got him and he was in the midst of a
6:33 pm
downpour. so, again, the jury has finished deliberations for the day. they'll take it up again tomorrow. the legal problems for former imf director dominique strauss-kahn may not be over quite yet. he was released from house arrest in new york on friday after questions arose about the credibility of the hotel maid who accused him of rape. many legal observers say it is highly unlikely that prosecutors will proceed with that case. however, when the scandal brokeback in may, a french writer said strauss-kahn tried to sexually assault her during an interview several years ago. today, her lawyer said they plan to file a lawsuit against him tomorrow in paris. strauss-kahn's lawyers immediately threatened to sue the writer for slander. after the break, an ironic twist of fate. a motorcycle ride to protest new york's helmet law cost one biker his life. a drug designed to help people kick the habit may end up doing more harm than good.
6:34 pm
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hello, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. right here in storm center 4, we're watching showers and a few thunderstorms out there right now, but also very warm
6:37 pm
conditions, of course, all eyes on the forecast this evening, because of the fireworks that are going to be happening all across our area. out there towards the pa tomorrow okay, look at all the boats, i'm telling you, the place to be outside this evening. we do have showers. first off, let's take a look at the numbers outside. 88 degrees, the current temperature, under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. heat index at 90 degrees, and the winds right now on the calm side. as far as the rain goes, here's a look at where that rain is right now. actually, we're looking at future scan there. let's go ahead and show you a live view of where this rain is. moving -- making its way towards our region from the west, and there are some showers and thunderstorms but nothing severe right now. we do have some shower activity down toward the south. let's go down towards fredricksburg and dale city where showers are occurring around the stafford county area, spotsylvania county, but not experiencing any lightning with these. no thunder, either. they are continuing to make their way toward charles county, so la plata, waldorf. back towards win exerciseter,
6:38 pm
just to the west of front royal, you'll see some showers out there, too. some thunder possible with these, but most of them actually beginning to die out. they're also showing some signs of developing in towards jefferson county in towards west virginia, and even into portions of loudoun county you'll see showers continuing to rumble there. we'll continue to watch those as we make our way through the night tonight. in annapolis, i think we'll be fine, mostly cloudy, looking good tonight as temperatures will be around that 80-degree mark. as we look towards other areas, how about reston, 79 degrees, mostly cloudy, looking dry there i too. any shower activity that does come through reston over the next one to two hours should be out of there by around 9:00, and any rain should be on the light side. national mall, 80 degrees, maybe a storm possible, most will stay to our south. and as we look towards the next couple days, temperatures right around that 90-degree mark. tomorrow, wednesday and thursday, about a 30 to 40% chance of showers as we head into the day on friday, once again, those temperatures in the upper 80s to around that
6:39 pm
90-degree points. so as of right now, jim, i think we're looking okay, but there will be some showers over the next two to maybe three hours. but most of the fireworks should be fine. >> let's hope so. thanks, doug. a motorcyclist taking part in a protest ride against helmet laws in new york was killed over the weekend. it was an accident that happened saturday afternoon near syracuse during the afternoon freedom ride protest. police say 55-year-old phillip contos flipped over the bike's handle bars. he was pro noujsed dead at the hospital. police say he likely would have survived had he been wearing a helmet. new concerns about a popular drug used to help people quit smoking. chantix has been prescribed to 30 million people last year alone. now there is a study that links chantix to an increased risk of heart problems. erica edwards has details in tonight's news4 your health. >> reporter: if there is one thing the medical community
6:40 pm
typically agrees on, it's this. if it you smoke, you're highly likely to develop some kind of illness from lung disease to heart attacks. so many smokers try to quit, many turning to a drug called chantix to reduce health risks. >> i honestly didn't think i would quit. >> reporter: that's where doctors begin to disagree. >> it's the worst drug on the u.s. market. >> i don't believe it's a dangerous drug. >> reporter: researchers pulled data on 14 studies of chantix, and found smokers who take the drug have a 72% increased chance of serious heart problems like heart attacks. >> we had smoker without any evidence of heart disease, and that is where we found a substantial increase of cardiac events. >> reporter: a significant finding, but -- >> if you just look at the 72% increase number, you will completely miss the larger picture about this medication. >> reporter: that is, the total number of cardiac events in the studies was quite small. just over 1% of people on chantix. other experts helped put the differing views of the new
6:41 pm
numbers into perspective. >> it doesn't mean there is nothing there, but it means that whatever risk seems to be there is very small. >> reporter: pfizer markets chantix and in a statement said it's working with the food and drug administration to review and monitor data for chantix. pfizer had previously agreed to put a heart warning on the drug's labeling for patients already suffering from heart disease. while the numbers can get hazy, one thing is clear. smokers can improve their health if they're able to kick the habit. erica edwards, nbc news. chantix has been on the market since 2006. after three months of use, up to half of its users do stop smoking. at least temporarily. lindsay, what are we looking at? >> today, the nationals' best big thing, moving up. the black widow strikes again in new york. and jayson werth turns boos
6:42 pm
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for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. a great dane named cliff caused some excitement in the city of frederick, maryland this weekend. cliff and his owners were eating outside of five guys, and cliff was tied to the table. something caught the dog's eye. off he went with the table and the umbrella trailing behind him. a lot of people saw him, but no one could catch him, because even with that drag, that dog could run. so grant, one of his owners, put up more than 100 flyers while he searched for cliff, and this morning the great dane was found in some bushes, still attached to one of the table legs. he lost everything else. he was dehydrated, his paws were injured, but he is going to be okay, we hear. >> that sounds like a marm duke
6:45 pm
cartoon. >> i know. food flying. >> the table behind him. lindsay. >> hello. >> our guy finally is not being booed. >> you're talking about the nationals' jayson werth. today was a terrific day. the nationals' $126 million man jayson werth has been in a hitting slump for a while, and it had gotten so bad he has been booed several times by fans at nats' stadium. today on the 4th of july, he sparked the celebration. werth drew a walk, and then scored the game-winning run on a wild pitch. the nationals win, 5-4. let's go to nationals park where fans were certainly in the 4th of july spirit down there. uncle sam, even abraham lincoln made an appearance at the park. top of the 4th. nationals up 2-1. jordan zimmerman facing al fono sorian opops. look at this. it falls, zimmerman, what's going on.
6:46 pm
ramirez would score off that gaffe. and marlin bird going to try to score, beats the throw. the cubs take a 3-2 lead. werth, though, would make up for it later. and thank goodness, he did. top of the six, bases loaded for soto, singles to right. ramirez would score, but werth gets pena at the plate. that is a great throw, just 4-2 cubs instead of more damage. so now the bottom of the seventh, 4-3, cubs. bases loaded against kerry wood, and wood walks in. desmond scores to tie the game, so we are headed to extra innings, tied at 4. nats' fans cheering. bottom of the tenth, rodriguez comes to the plate with werth on second base. on the first pitch to pudge, werth steals third base with no throw. and that would be a huge play, and here's why. three pitches later, carlos uncorks a wild pitch to pudge rodriguez.
6:47 pm
jayson werth comes home with the winning run. nationals beat the cubs, 5-4. they did so in ten innings. here is jayson werth after the game. >> funny game. still third and score the winning run. if the inside moves right there, i'm probably the goat. so you know, funny how the game works out. but a win is a win, we'll take it, and it was a good win today, especially on the 4th of july. and we were kidding earlier that, you know, you've got america's team down there in dallas, and team america here in washington. >> the thing i liked about the game the most, we gave them two runs and battled back. that should never happen. zimmerman pitched a much better game. should have gone in nine. and guys bounced back and we won the ball game. so it was really a big team victory. >> we're the nationals. we had to win on july 4th. it's good to pull that off today, and we needed to get some momentum going. we kind of struggled the last week, but we're playing good and have a lot of good enthusiasm around here. >> so another reason for the
6:48 pm
nats to celebrate today. a promotion for phenom bryce harper. harper's progress and hitting success in class a haegerstown earned him a move to harrisburg where he is expected to take the field tonight. harper has been a machine at the plate. 14 home runs, 46 rbi and 19 stolen bases with hagerstown. before you get excited, and think he could be up in the nation's capital soon, not so fast. the nationals say this was part of the plan all along. they acknowledge he has had to make some adjustments, including learning this is something you do not do in professional baseball. remember this, when he did the kiss to the pitcher? yes. that is something they have certainly talked to him about. however, general manager mike rizzo says this is all right on schedule. >> we always have a timetable for him, felt that, you know, when we felt it was time for him to take the next step and to, you know, challenge him a little bit further, we would make a smooth transition, and, you
6:49 pm
know, after he went through a few of the little injuries, showed me that enough at-bats at that level, and succeeded at that level enough, we figured we would challenge him to the next level in the minor leagues. the nationals want harper to play in the arizona fall league next. they also want him to get some experience in aaa. 62 hot dogs. sounds like a party. but if joey chestnut is invited, nobody else is going to get to eat. they will be gone in ten minutes. because that is exactly what chestnut did today to become the nathans international hot dog eating champion for the fifth year. coney island, fans packed the streets early. for the first time ever, there was a women's-only contest before the main event. it featured nine ladies, including this woman you might recognize, sonja thomas from alexandria. and when the ten minutes was up, thomas was the winner. she scarfed down 40 hot dogs, 11 more than her next closest competitor. and look, she even gets a nice pink belt. in the men's competition,
6:50 pm
four-time defending champion joey jaws chestnut took on 16 other competitors. one of which was not former six-time champion kobayashi. he missed again this year after he chose not to sign the contract that was the exclusive major league eating contract. when the clock struck zero, chestnut had eaten 62 hot dogs in ten minutes, besting second place patrick bertaleti. chestnut claims his fifth straight mustard belt. does that make you want to eat a hot dog? >> no. >> they dip it in the water, you know. >> that's not helping. >> very impressive. all of the teams in our area take time in different ways to honor those that have served our country. but today up in boston, the red sox helped make this 4th of july very special for one family. service women bridget lyden loves the red sox and is credible deployed overseas. today before the first pitch against the blue jays, her family was brought on the field to watch a special taped message.
6:51 pm
>> this is aviation ordinanceman bridget lyden. >> but the truth is, bridget was really there to surprise her family. when they realized it -- take a look at the score board up there, she comes walking out in her uniform. when they saw that, her family wept bananas. they began sprintsing across the field. bridget has been deployed in the persian gulf. haven't seen her since october. you talk about a special moment there in the stadium that is her favorite in front of her favorite team. they had no idea she was coming home. so a special 4th of july. >> very cool. >> that was nice. >> thanks, lindsay. next, the latest youtube sensation. this time, a boston terrier's reaction is priceless. honey, why aren't you playing with your friends?
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. the four astronauts who will close ought nasa's 30-year space program with a shuttle arrived at the kennedy space center in florida. they're scheduled to lift off on board "atlantis" for a 12-day mission. "atlantis" will make a supply run to the international space station before joining "discovery" and "endeavour" in retirement. about 1 million visitors are expected near the launch site to
6:55 pm
watch the final flight. there's a bunker buried beneath the greenbrier resort in west virginia, a four-hour drive from washington. for 30 years, a top-secret fallout shelter, where u.s. congress would be taken in case of a nuclear attack. in 1992, "the washington post" exposed it. this evening, we take you inside to see how long lawmakers would have survived if they had bombed the u.s. chris gordon with a look. >> reporter: the cold war, the threat of nuclear attack was a constant fear. in 1956, president eisenhower planned construction of a relocation facility for congress to ensure continuity of government. the bunker occupies more than 112,000 square feet on two levels. each of three entrances is protected by a huge steel door hidden from public view. >> this is a cover door. and for years, this cover door became almost a wall, covering the 18-ton blast door. >> reporter: the blast door
6:56 pm
reads leads to the 16,000 square foot exhibit hall that would have served for congressional staff to conduct business in an emergency. since 1962, the greenbrier used this space as an exhibition hall, so medical conventions came here, and people used this space not knowing they were in the bunker. and it was hiding in plain sight. the bunker is a huge fallout shelter. if there was nuclear contamination, the first stop would have been the deacon tam nation area. >> everyone would have stripped in here, clothing would have gone into a burn bag. >> reporter: then they would pass through the showers. >> it's a very, very highly pressurized water. hopefully, it would have washed off all of the contaminants with the help of ivory soap. >> reporter: the bunker would accommodate 1,100 people, each member of congress was allowed to bring one aide. but all family members would be housed elsewhere. two auditoriums inside the bunker would serve as chambers.
6:57 pm
this is where the house of representatives would hold its sessions. there were metal bunk beds and lockers and 18 dormitories. a fully equipped clinic, including an operating room and dental office. the bumpinger existed like this from 1962 until '92 when the "washington post" magazine broke its cover in a front-page story. as a result, the bunker was declassified. since then, the greenbrier has been conducting daily tours for visitors. many remember the cold war. >> i lived through the whole thing. >> reporter: now the bumpinker appears frozen in time, a historical relic. but consider this. if it hadn't been revealed, it could still be in use today, to protect congress, in case a terror attack crippled the nation's capital. at the greenbrier resort in west virginia, chris gordon, news4. most of the bunker's equipment and furnishings were removed from the shelter and
6:58 pm
reassigned around the country. >> final check, doug. still looking at shower activity out there, most to the west and down to the south. let's take a look and show you what's happening on live digital doppler radar right now. we'll take a couple zooms here. fredricksburg, dale city, la plata, waldorf, light rain right now. not a lot of rain, but just enough to make the grass on the wet side. as we look to the west, right around the winchester area, showers and even thunderstorms. there is some thunder and lightning with a couple of those storms. most continue to die off. but i am expecting some of this to make its way in towards northern virginia into portions of maryland, including frederick county, maybe western montgomery county, loudoun county, i think you'll see showers in the next hour or so. hopefully they'll be through here, though, by the time the fireworks are to go off around 9:00. as far as the rain goes or rather the temperatures go the next couple days, expect kind of what you saw out there today. high temperature around 90 degrees. tomorrow, wednesday and on thursday. even friday, temperature around 88. but still feels like 90. about a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms, just about
6:59 pm
each and every day. tomorrow, i think will be the driest day. best chance of rain tomorrow will be well to our south. >> all right. thanks, doug. people who own bostonterriers will tell you they can make some funny noises. and a dog named mac bears witness to that. this dog really enjoys having his belly tickleled. [ dog snorting ] >> macke's owner posted this video on youtube about four weeks ago. it is quickly becoming an internet sensation, as you might imagine. nearly half a million people have watched it so far. [ laughter ] >> oh, that's actually funny. >> good for him. that's funny. that's our broadcast for now. "nbc nightly news" coming up next. >> enjoyou

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